Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sophie turns 2!

When you have a baby, you don't realise how true it is when people tell you how quick the time goes, but I cannot believe that on the 5th of May it was 2 years since the whirlwind that is Sophie came into our lives.

Just a few minutes old

In those 2 years our lives have changed beyond recognition. We've had sleepless nights, tears and tantrums (and thats just us!) Its been a real rollercoaster, but its undoubtedly been the most amazing 2 years of our lives.

3 months old

Its such a cliche, but it has beyond amazing watching our helpless little bundle grow into such a happy, loving, funny and stubbornly independent little girl. She never fails to make me smile, and I find it impossible to stay mad at her, no matter how naughty she is!

1 year old


It was quite emotional thinking that now shes 2 we really can't refer to her as a baby anymore. Shes this little person with her own thoughts and opinions (on EVERYTHING!) but as amazing as she is, I do miss the little bundle that she was.

We had such a wonderful weekend for her birthday. On the Saturday we had family arriving from down south to stay for the weekend - I was pretty worried how we would all squash into our little house, but we managed just fine and it really made it a fantastic weekend for Sophie - she loved all the attention! On the Sunday we had yet more people round for cake in the afternoon. Luckily the sun was out and we spent the whole day in the garden for the first time this year - we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend!

Enjoying her birthday cake aged 2

Thanks for reading x


  1. The last 2 years have just flown by!!

    1. Haven't they just! I can't believe it x

  2. Look how much Sophie has changed. Where have these past 2 years gone?! It's nearly our turn! (5 more sleeps) xx

    1. They have really whizzed by, hope Gracie has a lovely birthday :) x

  3. Wow, What a lovely post- thanks for sending me your link on Twitter. It goes very fast- My eldest is 12 (!) next month- enjoy it!